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April 12, 2009

Amazon have decided to censor titles with the remotest whiff of GLBT content by removing their Amazon Rank, which has the follow-on effect of removing them from search results as well.

Thereby directly messing with the livelihoods of many romance writers, erotica writers, and yes, even YA writers. Here's a list of affected books.

I'm not allowed to withdraw from the ABNA. But this is beyond the pale.

[Update: 3:30 PM] Edward Champion says it better than I can.

[Update: 3:35 PM] Have turned off my Amazon machine tags plug-in that displays links to books in my Reading Log posts.

[Update: 6:50 PM] Now this is an interesting explanation (trolling) of what might be going on. More believable than a glitch, actually.

[Update 7:00 PM] I'm going to remove the link for the Google Bomb because on further reflection (and after seeing what trolls can do to reviewer rankings on Amazon), the trolling thing seems more likely to me. I'll leave the other links up. I'll deal with the plug-ins later as more news develops.

[Update Apr. 13] According to an Amazon rep, "an embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloguing error". Sounds like they are taking steps to ensure it won't happen again.

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