A Study In Contrasts

June 1, 2009

In the middle of the worst global economic crisis in decades, two of my Kiva lendees have completely paid back their loans, ahead of schedule. Two others are 75% repaid, two more are nearing 50% repaid, and thus I have re-lent the paid back funds to two more entrepeneurs in one of the poorest nations of the world, Mali. So far, my Kiva loans have a 0% default rate.

In the meantime, my government is lending close to 10 billion dollars to a bankrupt company, throwing good money after the already lost other billions it has tossed its way and won't get back, and doesn't expect any of the new money to be paid back either. And I'm not allowed to stop paying them income tax for this moronic stupidity. Why are we rewarding this corporation and the unions for their execrable management? You can bet who is not going to be rewarded with my vote come election time.

If you divide $9.5 billion dollars by the 33 million or so people in Canada, that means my personal tax burden for this portion of the GM handouts is about $290. For a brand of consumer product that I HAVE NEVER OWNED. I think I'll throw that amount at Kiva this month. At least I know it's being put to good use, by people who appreciate it, and not going towards building cars that I will not be buying.

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