Oooh. Shiny.

October 28, 2010

Gardom Pond

Happy early Birthday and Christmas to me! As my Twitter followers know (thank you for not dropping me during the saga), for the last week I've been expecting a package.

It finally arrived in Vancouver, after an epic journey from Shanghai, through Anchorage, the city of Ontario in California, and Seattle. Even though I bad-mouthed UPS's tracking system (which due to weird intermediate data updates made it look like my package bounced around between Fredericton, NB, Shanghai and Richmond, BC a few times), the box arrived a day earlier than advertised.

When its video output began glitching extensively, I limped along my old laptop for 14 months. For the last 4 of those months, it would only boot in Safe Mode, leaving me without audio and significant application performance lag. I loved my PowerBook, and I drove it into the ground. To be on the safe side, in June I bought a $100 used iBook, just to get me through the summer and the cash flow deficiencies generated by renovation expenses. Said iBook has 1/3 of my old hard drive space, displays YouTube video at about 3 frames per second, and, for a writer, exhibits the useful and productivity-enhancing trait of a cursor that randomly jumps three lines forward or backward in the text if one types too fast.

Some may be disappointed to learn that "The Shiny" is simply a new MacBook Pro. Some may think that I got overly excited over a measly piece of hardware. I don't care. I am full of squee. We can all use more squee in our lives.

But it's not the aluminum unibody that makes it truly shiny, or the high-res anti-glare screen, or the fact that I can now video chat when I never could before, or that I can now finally do some iPhone/iPad code development (yes, SG, I *will* finally get to that evil timer we discussed). Or even that the keyboard doesn't contain a poltergeist.

Nope, what makes it shiny is that I will write my next book on it.

- "This little light of mine, I'm gonna make it shine..."

5 comments on “Oooh. Shiny.”

  1. Congrats on its arrival! I suffered with an ancient iBook until this time last year, so I know how exciting a new computer can be. Enjoy the heck out of yours.

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