The Other 1%. Or Maybe 0.01%

July 11, 2011

We recently moved our boat to a new, longer slip at our marina, and one of my neighbours jokingly gave me a glossy mag called "Elite SuperYachts", figuring we might be getting what's known in the yachting world as 10-foot-itis.

If I ordered one of the vessels featured in this mag, I'd have to have 100-foot-itis. I haven't had such a giggle in a long time. One of those "this can't be real" kind of giggles. Some people have waaaaay too much money. These boats come complete with hot tubs, swimming pools, movie theatres, helicopter pads. One comes with a full, fold-out private balcony. I hope the gasket on that baby is top-notch.

The inflatable tenders started at $100K. You know how fashion magazines have an abundance of watch ads? This one advertises time pieces like this one. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Why is something that hideously cringe-worthy even valuable? The whole thing made me want to barf and then check on my Kiva loans.

The one item that actually looked like a ton of fun is this personal hovercraft. And as a bonus, it actually fits in our slip. ;-)

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