It's All In The Tools

October 10, 2011

Gardom Pond

To go from this


to this

Pulp for jelly

you need a cleaver, a pot, a stove, and a potato masher.

To go from this

to this

you need the same cleaver, and a blender.

To go from this

to this

Apple leather

you need this

DIY cider press

which my handy spouse whipped up from spare parts and a 6 ton jack on Saturday.

Not that it didn't require a tweak or two before we really got it working.


No flow

freaked us out. What you can't see in the picture is all the juice about to spill over the sides in highly random directions because the drain hole in the bottom is the wrong approach.

You only get this (and highly relieved non-splattered people)

Proper flow

when you whip out the sawsall and convert that tiny drainhole into a full slot.

Do we know how to torture fruit, or what?

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