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April 25, 2012

Question: What would I do for your execrably advertised snack product?

The silver lining to my team getting ousted early from the hockey playoffs is that I need no longer endure that ad. Each season, there's always one annoying commercial, that gets annoying because some marketing manager has over-purchased slots, so you see it every commercial break.

This year's, however, was extra-cromulent, not due to an ear-wormy jingle, or overplaying, but simply for its content.

I like mint. I like chocolate. I like the two together. But I will NEVER be trying the mint-chip Klondike Bar, because its ad, which posits that some guy listening to his wife for 5 seconds is worth rewarding with scantily-clad cheerleaders and a frozen cookie thoroughly insulted both me and my husband, and really wives and husbands everywhere. We both sat there after it aired going, "Really? Really?! Ugh..."

The ad makes the man look stupid and pathetic. It turns the older woman into an irrelevant punchline, and objectifies the younger ones. Listening to someone you supposedly love for 5 seconds is supposed to be a sacrifice worthy of reward? Simply yuck, Unilever.

It seems like a marketing missed opportunity with such an iconic brand slogan. Sure, go for humour. But don't belittle. I'm fed up with blatantly clichéd sexism in advertising. It's everywhere, and I'm tired of some corporate advertising jerk inflicting it on me when I'm just trying to enjoy some hockey. Oh yeah, women like sports too. Fancy that.

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