Where's Kat?

April 12, 2014

There's been an obvious dearth of posting around here, and I figure I should address why.

Back in November, I had a change in my work situation. It's left me with considerably less free time on my hands, which means I had to choose between certain activities in order to make sure I still get to do the big things, like write.

People who follow me on Twitter and Google+ will note that I'm much less engaged there right now. I still post the occasional item as a sort of "I'm not dead yet!" heartbeat, but really only have bandwidth for one social network at a time. I went with Facebook as it's where more of my personal connections hang out at the moment. I'm hoping to get re-engaged socially some time soon.

I also chose to neglect the blog. I need to write, and that writing needs to be fiction. My latest projects are going extremely well, and I hope to have news on some fronts by early summer. But as a result of putting in the necessary hours there, I've had to let the blog fall by the wayside. Prime Writing is still open, but some months I may not have the bandwidth to deal with it, so I apologize ahead of time if I can't accommodate your request. It's still worth sending me a request just in case.

At any rate, not dead yet! Just very busy on other fronts.

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