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Vancouver Moment

After our near biblical rainy weather in December/January, yesterday was one of those perfect Vancouver February days. I sat in the cockpit of the boat - laptop where it belongs, […]

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January 2006

The post-Christmas reading blitz has begun. Some of the books below I selected, others were selected for me as presents and stocking-stuffers. My husband, in particular, chose over a dozen […]

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The Dancer

There is a woman I know, a dancer. She reminded me how to live, through her dancing. In 2002, when I took up dancing, I did it to fill time. […]

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My last Book post finished with me experiencing that hollow sinking feeling one gets when a deadline is in danger of getting missed. I had never had a 50-page month […]

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Waterfield Cozmo Bag

This is my Waterfield medium Cozmo laptop bag. The Web is peppered with reviews of Waterfield bags, but here are two things about this bag you may not know that I’ve never […]

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December 2005

I've been lax on the posting. Oh, well, I'm back. Here's what I was reading while I wasn't posting. Happy New Year! Trekka Round the World by John Guzzwell If […]

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Small Setbacks and Bigger Opportunities

An earlier Book post discussed how great it felt to over-deliver on my first milestone. I hit 100 pages in June, when the target had been 50 by the end […]

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December Interim Progress

50,000 words. W00t! Ok, so I didn't participate in NaNoWriMo, and it took me a lot longer than a month to get to this point. Do I care? No. Am […]

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November 2005

The Known World, by Edward P. Jones Rating: YMMV Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling Rating: Recommended Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman Rating: YMMV Cruel and Unusual, […]

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First Milestone

In my previous Book post, I wrote about developing a work plan for my novel. The work plan detailed on which days I would write, for how long, and dates […]

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