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The 2017 Eligible Work Post — The Tree of Souls

Since all the cool kids are doing it, let's just get the awkwardness out of the way: I published a single work in 2016 that is eligible for the 2017 […]

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Untalented Wins Honorable Mention in Library Journal's 2016 Indie Ebook Awards

Wow. This was a nice thing to wake up to. Untalented is a YA Honorable Mention in Library Journal's 2016 Indie Ebook Awards. Archer has created a vividly detailed realm […]

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Upcoming Appearances

Summer has come to a close which means it's time to get busy with author appearances! The first is VCon, Vancouver's premier science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention, this weekend […]

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July Tidbits

I've had a string of houseguests, so haven't been very active here. Why do you care? Well, because I forgot to tell you about the Goodreads giveaway of The Tree […]

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Cycling Follow-up

It's been a bit of a crazy month; I've had visiting guests and a major writing deadline to hit, so had no chance to follow up on my cycling post, […]

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Guest Blogging at Fiction University — Format Your Book With Scrivener

Hey there! Today I've got a guest post up a Janice Hardy's Fiction University, all about formatting your book for publication using Scrivener. So if you've found Scrivener too daunting […]

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Vancouver Cyclists: We Have A Problem

[Update June 15: I've been told by someone who spoke to the victim that the cyclist in this incident intentionally inflicted the injury. The victim told the cyclist to dismount from […]

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SFFWorld Reviews The Tree of Souls

There are few better ways to start a Monday morning than with a positive review of one's book at a major SFF site. Kate Coe at SFFWorld had plenty of […]

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A Bubble in the Gastronomic Space-Time Continuum

When you move away from a city, you stop being able to keep up with its restaurant scene. But after we left Montréal for Vancouver in the early nineties, on […]

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Creative Ink Festival Wrap-up

Creative Ink Fest is fading into the past, but my memories of it aren't. This was my most packed conference as a pro writer. I did four panels (including my […]

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