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First Milestone

In my previous Book post, I wrote about developing a work plan for my novel. The work plan detailed on which days I would write, for how long, and dates […]

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It's really hard to write with a 17lb purring cat sitting on your chest.

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Getting Started

In January of 2004, I started work on a story I'd thought up one night before going to bed. I'd been struggling for a while with those "who am I […]

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'The' Book

Now that I have admitted to the universe that I am writing a book, maybe the world at large - or the smaller subset of aspiring writers at large - […]

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October 2005

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman Rating: YMMV Eragon, by Christopher Paolini Rating: YMMV The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver I read this novel set in the Congo shortly after having […]

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September 2005

It was back to work in September, so I read fewer books. Aside from the usual fiction, there are a couple of non-fiction entries here as well. Research. For the […]

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August 2005

I was on vacation in August, so I went through more books than usual. Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens I'm not built for Dickens... Rating: YMMV The Mists of Avalon, […]

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Reading Log

I don't have the most sophisticated reading tastes, but as an experiment, I thought I'd post from time to time which books I've read recently. Occasionally, I might even comment […]

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Flying East

[2012/06] This post was ported over from a very old blog I maintained elsewhere] Every time I fly I pray to the pantheon of Aerodynamics, Air Traffic Control and Metal […]

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Vancouver International Writers Festival 2005

Well, VIWF 2005 is done. Sessions I went to: Neil Gaiman This was interesting (considering I'd never read him before, although I have now) and entertaining. Found the session a […]

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