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Creative Ink Festival

Join me at the Creative Ink Festival, March 29-31, at the Delta Burnaby Hotel, where I'll be hanging out and talking about editing, among other things.

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Join Me at the 2017 Creative Ink Fest

It's that time of year when you can catch me at the Creative Ink Festival! I'll be hanging out at the Delta Burnaby Hotel with tons of other great writers […]

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Creative Ink Festival Wrap-up

Creative Ink Fest is fading into the past, but my memories of it aren't. This was my most packed conference as a pro writer. I did four panels (including my […]

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Creative Ink Festival Schedule

It looks like my schedule for the Creative Ink Festival May 6-8 in Burnaby is firming up. Sunday is action-packed! So far I'm confirmed for several panels and a Blue […]

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CIF: Blue Pencil

Lobby Board Room In which you get to show me a few pages of your work, and I get to redline it give you feedback on how to make it […]

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CIF: Romancing the Monster

Venezia Room Andrea Westaway (M), Katrina Archer, Brenda Carre, Setsu Uzume, Lisa Voisin In dark fantasy, paranormal romance and urban fantasy, often the love interest isn’t human. What is so appealing about these characters? Why […]

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CIF: Creating Your Ideal Workspace  (studio, writing nook, whatever)

Venezia Room Katrina Archer, ER Brown, Danika Dinsmore, Dani Duck Whether it’s an art studio, a writing nook or a corner in your apartment, how do you make the most of the space you […]

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CIF: Beta Readers: How to Find Them, How to Be a Good One

Venezia Room Katrina Archer, Kristi Charish, Danika Dinsmore, Jeff Norburn, Setsu Uzume Where and how do you find beta readers? How do you know if they’ll be a good beta reader or not? How do […]

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CIF: An Editor's Dream

Venezia Room Katrina Archer, Ella Beaumont, E. R. Brown,Tod McCoy, Susan Pieters What do editors appreciate in an author, both in their attention to craft and their professional interactions? For example, it is […]

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Creative Ink Festival

I'll be at the Creative Ink Festival in Burnaby, BC from May 6-8, doing panels and hopefully a reading. Come check out the great line-up of guests, including Robert J. […]

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